Late night programming fueled by the power of caffeine.

About Me

Zombies with Coffee is an iPhone app development company, started by programmer Phillip Davis.  It is our mission to develop both entertaining and informative apps, that customers can use to have fun with and to learn.  Davis is an experienced programmer, whose after hours are filled with family, and his passion project- Zombies with Coffee.  He often finds himself bleary-eyed and wandering around for coffee at midnight, which was the inspiration for the company name.

Davis has a long history of app development, especially in the areas of games and learning.  His portfolio of games includes Plumber’s Nightmare, Frenetics, and numerous games for kids.  Through Davis’ apps you can also learn about anything from the Periodic Table of Elements, to Spanish verb conjugation.  His talent and passion is evident in every one of his projects.  His wide variety of apps attests to his active imagination, which comes alive at night, and is primarily fueled by coffee.