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World famous Lowell Davis, known for his picturesque depictions of rural farm life has a bit shadier past. Before he was famous, Lowell went by the pen name Pierre Davis and was a cartoonist for a risque magazine called Sex to Sexty. We all have to have a start somewhere and we will peer into Lowell’s early art life as Pierre Davis. You will find the original covers that Lowell created for the magazine digitized by hand in high resolution. Your TouchPad makes a perfect tool to peruse the gallery of funny, risque, bawdy and downright farm sexy images Lowell was famous for. If you enjoy Lowell Davis’s rural art, and you love a good laugh, download Sex To Sexty and become a fan all over again.

Both Lowell Davis (my father) and Johnny Newbern (Editor) has given me permission to posts Lowell's covers on my website. There were a few over the years that other artists created, but they are not included here for copyright reasons.

A note that while these images are pretty tame by today’s standards, they still may not be appropriate for young ones.